Car race game in C Language

Posted by Admin on 27 January 2017 in C/C++

Car race game in C Language codex king codexking

Hello friends, Car race is a game which has written in c language. This is my summer project that I was made at graduation time. As we know that c language is most important for beginners, which clear basic concept of programming and develop logic. C language clears concept of conditional operators, loops, functions and much more. Today Most of the platforms have a C compiler available so it is a favorable language to write compilers and interpreters in. It can create reasonably fast code, and in most cases, one does not need to drop down into assembly language.

In this car race programming game, I have used the concept of collision. Means if collision of the car has occurred then your game is over. The game is also calculating high score of players. We can set different level of the game by increasing the speed of the car.

In this car race project, I have used pointers, arrays and graphics.h header files

As we know that graphics.h header file have the prototype of all drawing related file like circle, line and rectangle etc. Graphics.lib contents the code for the library functions.

initgraph()  loads a graphic driver (CGA,VGA) from the hard disk and system allocate memory for the appropriate driver then it  changes the display to the appropriate  graphics mode.

Mouse programming is also used in this game. Mouse has separate cursor (called mouse pointer) which looks like an arrow. After attaching the mouse to the computer we need program (driver) that understand the mouse. This device driver is called

Int86() function is used to invoke the ROM BIOS Routine.

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